UKCSGO was created to fill a long standing void of dedicated, UK Counter Strike coverage and content. After a post in the /r/GlobalOffensive reddit, one user pointed out that there was a lack of one point of unity within the UK scene, nowhere that could be relied on for frequent, up to date and interesting content. With the UK behind the curve, teams and players spanning the whole range of experiences and skill levels were lacking exposure through the large CSGO coverage websites. To change this, UKCSGO was created to offer a place for all UK CSGO news, publicising ongoing tournaments and events, as well as offering insight and opinions on many topics of interest.

It is the hope that as the UK scene grows to its former strength, we will grow alongside it, as the place to follow UK CSGO.

Expect to see us covering as many UK CSGO events as possible, including offline events and online tournaments. We will also endeavor to support and publicise the campaigns of UK teams participating in international events.

604161_10151242027842103_640081263_nAdam Heath is the website owner and creator. He tries to make sure we get all of the nice, useful features that we need to make this an enjoyable home for UK CSGO.

Michael Moriarty has returned as the Editor in Chief of UKCSGO.com, to keep the site running smoothly. Michael can be reached through email, michael@journoduck.com

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton
Thomas “Thomas278” Foster • Lucas “laika” Lewis
Daniel “dbdan” Boyle • Olly “roooc” Olsen

We’re looking for volunteer writers, video editors and more to come join us to restart UKCSGO.com once again. If you’re interested in coming on board submit an example article to our submissions page, stating that you’d like to come onboard.