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epic20: Team xLpoint take the first place win.
epic20: Lower Finals – Radix eSports Vs xLpoint
epic20: Lower Consolidation – exceL-Point Vs ProjectX
epic20: Upper Bracket Finals – Team CeX Vs Radix eSports
epic20: Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals

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February 19, 2017

epic20: Team xLpoint take the first place win.

In the epic20 Grand Final Sunday morning, the exceL Endpoint mix team headed off against CeX. Team xLpoint had a long ride through the Lower Bracket, which included a 8:30am start this morning.

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February 18, 2017

epic20: Major upset as CeX beat exceL/Endpoint

As the epic20 tournament was settling down for the Saturday, with the expected results flying around, it happened. Tournament favourites exceL/Endpoint were thrown into the Lower Bracket by CeX.

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February 17, 2017

epic20: GOTVs

After some bugs, the GOTVs for epic20 are now available. Each GOTV is matched to the games as they go down along the Knockout stage, so figuring out each server will not be a massive issue. This now enables you to watch whatever game you want to during the knockout bracket, so you’re not relying on the stream team to cover it for you.

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February 17, 2017

epic20: First set of knockout games released

As the group stage is over (all completed tables available to view here), the Friday finishes off with the first round of the 16-team Double Elimination Bracket. With three teams heading out of all six groups, there’s set to be a lot of close action heading on throughout the rest of the weekend.

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