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May 21, 2016

An interview with ReDeYe

ReDeYe is a man who really needs no introduction for anybody that follows eSports, working more and more events ever since his departure of Gfinity at the end of February, ReDeYe is a man of many talents and easily one of the  if not the best eSports host. Most recently finishing the Dota 2 EPICENTER. He’s also the writer of Talking eSports, a book on eSports broadcasting, which can be found here.

Following EZSkins last year, do you think we could actually get a team to the global stage? If so what do you think it would take?

Its possible, but lets be honest, we haven’t seen a team come together with the highest skills required and every [...]

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February 24, 2016

ZED out of BEASTS, Surreal in as replacement

Team BEASTS have reviled that George “ZED” Bear has been dropped from their lineup shortly after three of their players, Philip “whindanski” Nicholas, Josh “mole” Rowley and Som “s0m” Haddow, won epic.SEVENTEEN under the Barrage eSports banner. This change came across very suddenly, as the team only unveiled themselves earlier this month, but it looks like a small scale post-LAN-shuffle caused the split.

No longer playing with beasts. Think it's time to stop playing this game competitively for now, UK cs is kind of a joke atm :/

— ZED (@ZEDcsgo) February 22, 2016

Clearly ZED felt [...]

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February 17, 2016

Sheekey Leaves NerdRage, RattlesnK rumored to replace.

Last night, Sheekey announced that he is parting ways with NerdRage, citing personal differences between him and the rest of the team. As far as stability goes, this team has survived a couple post LAN shuffles.  This stability has helped them show growing promise in the European scene and they also managed to snag first place in the UKCSGO January Top 10. Jonathan “Sheekey” Sheekey has been the driving force of this team as in game leader since it came together late last year. Sheekey and NerdRage have put the split down to friction growing between him and the rest of the team because of his calling style.

Today is the day myself and the [...]

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February 11, 2016

Pre epic.LAN interview with Mick of Perilous Gaming

Prior to LAN I managed to talk with Mick of Perilous Gaming about the upcoming event, his role in Perilous and how he can still bring himself to support Newcastle. Along with this Mick has also been taking part in the new UK eSports chat show Phoenix, hosted on the epic.LAN twitch on Sunday evenings, at 7pm. Phoenix can be watched Here.

How are you and your teams preparing for the upcoming EPIC Lan?

PerilousFURY have been a bit up and down in terms of their practice, and have mainly been in GameFace cups for the ease of having organised matches. It’s essentially a hobby for the guys and can only get on together for a few hours each week. After their decent showing [...]

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