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September 9, 2018

BIG Vs OpTic: a head to head analysis.

I’d like to briefly thank @mattys_gaming for creating a visualisation of all historical veto and win percentage information for each team attending the Major, from which much of the following information is sourced.

Owen “smooya” Butterfield was confident in his team’s ability to make top eight at this major, claiming previously his side would breeze through the first two stages winning six maps, and dropping two. The German side has had a more turbulent experience in the first stage; they find themselves at round five with a two win and two loss record, following close losses to Vega (16-19) and compLexity (12-16).

BIG’s final match in the main qualifier is [...]

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August 20, 2018

Insomnia63: A chat with Fierce’s newest addition: Swaggy

Following on from the previous interview with old timers CbYd, we’ve now looked to a younger team, with a mark to make on the event. We spoke to Kyle “Swaggy” Wilson, the newest member of the Fierce esports lineup. The roster he is now representing is no stranger to the scene, previously playing under the tag Royals in the highest level of UK competition.

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April 30, 2018

Wind and Rain change two

After a string of unfavourable results, the core of Wind and Rain have opted to change two players. Travis “L1NK” Mendoza announced earlier today that he was open for offers, followed shortly by a similar announcement by Calum ‘Kray’ Knight.

The team is best known for making MDL last season as a mixteam-turned-team. While they managed to hold their own, and kept a good scoreline for the former part of the season, a late season loss streak left the side finishing in 20th place, one spot away from retaining their spot. The change has been made to strengthen the squad in light of other recent events: The team missed out on the ESL Premiership finals after [...]

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April 12, 2018

Epsilon’s roster troubles

Less than a month ago, Tom “jenko” Jenkinson was announced as the fifth man for the epsilon lineup, giving the squad a majority UK roster. While earning themselves the spot as the de-facto ‘best team in the UK’, the roster hasn’t worked out as some may have planned.

Jenko disappeared from the active lineup, with cryptic messages, as is now tradition, being spread around by Owen “Smooya” Butterfield; a tweet posted by him showing two UK flags, two Swedish and a Greek, his usual technique to start roster rumours. Around the time of this tweet DeKay posted his first report of BIG linking Smooya to their squad: a replacement for failed [...]

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