Back at it again!

by Adam HeathApril 22, 2020

It’s been a quiet 6 months from us here at UKCSGO, and for good reason.  As you can see we’ve had a bit of a face lift. While there was nothing wrong with the old look of the site, it had gone unchanged for almost four years, so a change was long overdue.

With this new look for the site we’re turning registration back on. The commenting software we were using before that scraped from social media replies was discontinued about three years ago so we took a copy of that code and tried to keep it up to date and working but it fast became far more work that it was worth due to the speed at which social media changes and grows. This means that if you had an account when we first launched, that account is still there and you can request a password reset to gain access to it. To all the new faces, you can make an account to start getting involved.

We have a few more announcements in the wings that we aim to fire out over the next week or so, first of which will be the return of the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament on our brand new, custom coded tournament platform so watch out for that!

Until then, and our upcoming posts catching up with what the UKCSGO scene is up to, sit back and enjoy your lockdown as best you can.

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