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ESL Premiership – Teams who have qualified thus far?
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October 16, 2016

epicNINETEEN: Grand Finals – Radix Vs Bulldog

Grand Finals:

The day of the Grand Finals is upon us. Bulldog eSports versus Radix eSports in a BO5 series.

Radix eSports didn’t drop one game during the Elimination Stage meaning that they were given the one map advantage. Already leading the series 1-0 giving Radix a huge advantage heading into the remainders of the series needing only 2 maps to take the victory and the title.

Map 1: Radix One Map Advantage

With Radix eSports not dropping down into the Lower Brackets during the entire course of the event. Radix starts with a one map advantage from their set of games, as for Bulldog the require 3 map wins to take the Grand-Finals.

Map 2: Nuke

Kicking off [...]

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October 16, 2016

epicNINETEEN: The Intermediates

Group A:

After the group’s stages, everyone is usually slightly tired, bored, or wants to play more and more to improve while in this setting so the world famous epicLAN intermediates have started! In group a, we saw a slightly weaker group in comparison to the second group, we will get to that later, but Phenomenal Gaming has certainly been phenomenal with a 3-1-0 record, but in terms of results, the rest of the group has been relatively quiet which is ensuring that Phenomenal will be going through groups with a 3-1-0 scoreline.

Group B:

Meanwhile over in the other group, we saw some quality teams that all have the potential to make it out of the groups, all face off [...]

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October 15, 2016

epicNINETEEN: Radix moves onto the final!

Before the LAN, most of us were expecting quite a simple, nice and straightforward LAN event with the odds looking to favour uFrag taking the whole event with ease, this can’t have been more wrong. Before the event kicked off on Saturday morning, there was arguments between players that Radix eSports shouldn’t have even been seeded, but now they are in the grand finals! Their first game in the quarter finals was Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield’s party with him dropping 56 kills in one, yes one, game. To see more coverage of that best of three game, go to the video below where Kieran ‘Smithh’ Smith interviewed the team:



In the next game, against the more [...]

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October 15, 2016

uFrag Vs Dog Gaming – Lower Consolidation

After a long series of games between the two teams uFrag & DOG Gaming they face off in the Lower Consolidation. uFrag being sent into the Lower Brackets by Bulldog eSports and DOG Gaming were previously sent down by Radix eSports who are currently sat in the first Grand Finals spot. The uFrag lineup who have taken the spot as a top seed but show a set of shaky games taking them to the Lower Bracket. DOG Gaming consisting of 2 Ex-uFrag players looking to take the win from their set of wins to reach this point showing confidence across all fields of the game.

Map 1: Train

Kicking off the BO3 series with Train uFrag take to the T side where they pick up 6 rounds to Dog [...]

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