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insomnia63: Catching up with old friends – f00b
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insomnia63: Catching up with old friends – f00b
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insomnia63 Prize Distribution and details
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May 1, 2016

Tempo Storm edge out Virtus Pro!

Here at Gfinity, we saw the final semi-finals of the day with Tempo Storm playing the struggling polish team of Virtus Pro! In the first game, we saw nothing out of the ordinary based off the rest of the tournament with the Brazilians again relying on their MVP of this event Felps to control their CT half and help them go into the 2nd half with a 10-5 lead. On the polish side, we saw TaZ, who by his standards has had a poor event, step it up in the 2nd half along with Byali but shamefully it wasn’t enough to close out the Brazilians with them winning 16-9 and Felps finishing out the game with 26 kills!

Going into the 2nd map, both the analyst desk alongside the casters thought [...]

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April 30, 2016

SK Gaming cause a massive upset over HellRaisers

The first semi-final of the Saturday begins with HellRaisers going up against SK Gaming. The maps were set to be Dust 2 (HR), Overpass (SK), Cobblestone (HR), Mirage (SK) and Cache (decider).

The first game started off well for SK… Extremely well as the Danes racked along eight straight rounds on their T-side to secure themselves the lead at the half. This was helped along by MODDII continuing his form from the previous day, with Pimp and Friis actively helping the team along as well. The first round HellRaisers picked up was when they managed to retake the B site, but only after they took down Friis who was defending in a 1v3 – after taking two of the HR side [...]

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April 29, 2016

HellRaisers surprise Virtus.Pro

Next up we head into the winner’s match of Group A, where we see the mixed nationality team of HellRaisers head up against the Poles of Virtus.Pro. They see themselves set to face off on Mirage (VP), Cobblestone (HR) and Inferno (decider).

First up we get Mirage – the map we saw VP choose and one they’ve been known to play well on. It started out in a completely opposite fashion to how you would’ve expected it to go as HellRaisers, headed up by new boy bondik and starlet oskar, took the first seven rounds without any response from the Polish team. VP showed what could’ve been a resurgence as they picked up a set of three rounds to attempt to make [...]

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April 29, 2016

Tempo Storm knock down Dignitas

In our 2nd best of three of Friday night, we saw the Danish giants Dignitas take on the Brazilians of Tempo Storm. In the first game, we saw a very consistent game across the board via both teams with only one time a team failed to pick up two in the row which was tempo. On the Tempo Storm side, we saw very consistent fragging across the board with SHOWTIME picking up the potential slack that could be left behind based off previous games. With the game ending 9-6 in the first half, we felt that Dignitas had a better tactical input compared to Tempo Storm who we noticed was taking more of the aim dual approach in comparison to Dignitas! Meanwhile with this approach going on, the game [...]

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