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Dreamhack London
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September 22, 2015

Dreamhack London Event Review & Recap

Based in Sunny Stratford the Copper Box Arena was the setting for Dreamhack’s first foray into eSports events in the UK and hopefully won’t be it’s last with Dreamhack setting the bar high for what I’d consider to be great Counter Strike event.

The entrance to Dreamhack London in the Copper Box Arena.

Having been used for a large variety of events in the recent past, the Copper Box Arena was well suited for visitors local and international being less than 20 minutes away from tube, train and plane stations, or airports if you’re so inclined. While not next door the arena was also within easy walking distance, 10 [...]

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September 20, 2015

TSM and EnVyUs Go Head to Head in the Finals

Following the results of the semi-finals this afternoon, the Grand Final of Dreamhack London got off to an explosive start as the two most predicted finalists duked it out for the win.

The final was an insane, somewhat battle of the Titans as Danish team TSM went head to head with the French side, Team EnVyUs, who still proved to be the forever thorn in TSM’s side with game 1 kicking off on Dust 2. The first half started off with some electric game play between both teams, TSM stomping the first round, to then come back swinging in round 4 with Karrigan dominating at B, after some dynamite game play by KennyS, giving EnVyUs the 2nd and 3rd.

TSM adopted the always [...]

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September 20, 2015

TSM and EnVyUs proceed in DreamHack London

The second day of DreamHack London got underway with the two Danish giants going head to head, Team Dignitas vs TeamSoloMid, with the stage for this match-up being Mirage and Overpass, leaving Train as the deciding map if needed.

Team Dignitas came into this match-up as the underdog after finishing second in their group, but they started off Mirage with a brilliantly executed terrorist strat, catching TSM completely off guard. Sadly the motivation gained from that vital pistol round saw them only claim another four rounds that half, making the halftime score a comfortable 10:5 to TSM. TeamSoloMid took the momentum from [...]

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September 20, 2015

Dreamhack London – Group B round up.

Following the results of group A this afternoon, Group B of Dreamhack London kicked off with the following teams –

Team SoloMid G2.Kinguin SK Gaming Copenhagen Wolves

Kicking off the second group of the day was one of the best teams in the world right now with TSM vs the Scandinavian team of Copenhagen Wolves, played on Overpass for the first time of the tournament. TSM managed to take a very strong 16:5 win, allowing them to proceed to the Upper bracket game. Following was the newly changed organiser team of G2, aka the ex Kinguin line up, against SK battling out on Inferno with G2 clinching the win with a 16:13 game.


Following this was [...]

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