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February 24, 2016

epic17: Final Standings

Epic.SEVENTEEN took place last weekend which saw an amazing CSGO turnout with 26 teams attend the £3,000 prizepool tournament. Like may events before, seeds proved not to an accurate representation of the final outcome of the tournament. CeX, the first seed and defending iSeries champions, were pegged to do well with their lineup changes but found themselves finishing outside the top 3. uFrag met their 3rd place seed, bagging £300 and a discount on epic.EIGHTEEN, also defeating CeX.

The two top spots in this event were both claimed by mixes, which is fast becoming the standard of epicLAN. The Barrage eSports mix met the Infused mix in the grand final, where Barrage claimed the [...]

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February 21, 2016

epic.17: Barrage beat Infused.MIX in Grand Final

The game is done and we’re finished here in Kettering for another three months or so. The Grand Final was set with a a one map advantage for the Barrage side, as they had managed to push through the entire upper bracket without dropping a map (nor did they drop more than 9 rounds). Infused on the other hand had to push through the lower bracket dropping to Barrage in the Upper Bracket Final, then beating uFrag 2-0 in the Lower Bracket Final in the wee hours of the morning.

The first map of the grand final was Cache, which was the pick by Infused so it was set to be a good exciting match as there would be two teams set to make amends except… Barrage didn’t [...]

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February 21, 2016

epic.17: The Grand final is here!

The epic.17 grand final is minutes away from kicked off between second seed, Barrage eSports, going up against the fourth place seed Infused.MIX, who beat uFrag 2-0 in the lower bracket final in the early hours of this morning.

The map vetoing was completed moments ago, with admin Jon “ViciousHorizon” Kelly sporting his very best dressing gown.

Barrage go into the grand final with a one map advantage after they qualified for the finals via the upper bracket. This gave the Infused mix team first pick of map. The picks and bans for the epic17 final are:

Infused.MIX picked cache Barrage picked mirage Infused.MIX ban [...]

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February 20, 2016

epic.17: uFrag beat CeX in LAN shocker

Number 1 seed CeX have been beaten by the 3rd seeded team uFrag 2-1 in the Lower Bracket consolidation final, providing a huge upset against a side who have managed to qualify for the past three UK LAN finals and also one of the key favourites to win the event.

The first map came on as Overpass, of which would be an interesting matchup as CeX would be wanting to make amends for their loss against Infused earlier in the day. uFrag on the other hand were brimming with confidence with the belief that they could potentially take the next game. The game started off well as uFrag went 5-0 up giving CeX’s morale a bit of a bashing. This continued on pretty well, as uFrag [...]

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