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insomnia63: Catching up with old friends – f00b
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insomnia63: Catching up with old friends – f00b
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insomnia63 Prize Distribution and details
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July 1, 2016

epicEIGHTEEN: Quick tour with Hoss

epicEIGHTEEN may be over but we are still working through the large volume of video and photos we took over that memorable weekend. Hidden in all this, we found a video tour hosted by Ben “Hoss” Hosford. Despite its appearance of worthy of a spot on the next BBC eSports special, it was 100% unplanned, unscripted and more or less unwelcome by anyone we tried to speak to.

Featuring such delights as, the empty seats of Vatic, Winbar actually doing some work, Gumpster taking a shower and barman Ricky doing what he does best, along with more little gems you can only find at epicLAN. Enjoy!

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June 20, 2016

epicEIGHTEEN: Final Standings

Another great weekend has come to an end at Kettering Conference Centre, and it is time to release the epicEIGHTEEN final standings.

The original plan for the tournament was for just the top 2 teams of each group to go through, but after an uproar from some teams it was amended to make a 16 team knockout stage. Normally this would cause panic as time is always a factor at epicLAN, but the tournament ran more or less to schedule throughout the weekend.

It was a weekend of highs and lows; some teams soared past their seed, and others failed to meet the expectations set by their seed. Thanks to the tournament sponsors, CRISPsrv and Unikrn, this tournament had a £3,000 [...]

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June 19, 2016

epicEIGHTEEN: Perilous into grand final

Epic LAN often seems to be the breeding ground for LAN upsets, and the event’s eighteenth iteration appears to be no different. The event has already seen its fair share of shocks, with VATIC exiting early, Impulse Gaming White making it much further than expected and of course exceL making it past their seed.

The biggest success story of the event though is without a shadow of a doubt the Perilous side, who have dispatched third seed, fourth seed and now second seed on their route to the epicEIGHTEEN grand final.

Coming in to the event as a mix, albeit littered with talent and [...]

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June 19, 2016

epicEIGHTEEN: Interview with exceL eSports

The exceL eSports side are one of the teams that few expected to be the ones to make it past their seed. Coming into the event, even we predicted little from this side, expecting them to remain non-noteworthy throughout the event.

In reality, the team were not far from a different path through the tournament with a shaky start to the group stage, drawing with Odin eSports. However, partly due to the luck of Odin going on to take another draw, the exceL side made it out of groups in the second position.

In round two they dropped to the lower bracket at the hands of Team Infused, and eventually found themselves faced with sixth seed, playhack. The playhack side are [...]

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