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July 19, 2015

epicLAN Fifteen finals

After last night’s post was published, the lower bracket final of epicLAN occurred between fish123 and Choke Gaming. If the seedings were to be believed, these two teams would’ve been the ones in the Grand Final on Sunday. Alas, this wasn’t to be after CaZ eSports overcame fish123 over 3 maps. So, fish123 were knocked down to the Lower Bracket to face the team they sent down there – Choke. So, this was to be an interesting game.

The Lower Bracket final of epicLAN went to it’s full 3 games, with Choke taking Cache 16-13, fish123 came back in the second map Mirage to win 16-11 and Choke took the final map of Overpass 16-13 [...]

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July 18, 2015

epic.FIFTEEN eliminations

Last night the first round of the eliminations kicked off at epic.LAN and everything went as expected, the higher seed teams beat the lower seed teams to progress to the upper bracket semi-finals giving us a day filled with top UK teams fighting it out.

The upper bracket semi-finals were about as tense as they could be, as Curse These Metal Hands battled CaZ eSports while Choke Gaming faced off fish12. Both ended with 2-1 score lines but the higher seeds prevailed in both cases (CaZ eSports and fish123) giving us our upper bracket finals.

The upper bracket final is where we see the first minor upset as CaZ eSports, who are seeded third, beat first seed fish123 in a [...]

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July 17, 2015

epicLAN groups come to an end

The epicLAN groups are all wrapped, and it pretty much finished as predicted with all the seeded teams in the tournament going through. However, there was one upset in the tournament, with Curse These Metal Hands (CTMH) beating fish123 in their Group A game.

The final standings of Epic.FIFTEEN group stages

So, as you can see the tournament laid out as expected in terms of the seeds apart from that Group A game where fish123 came below CTMH in the group, due to losing to them. This should be an interesting tournament to continue on as the knockout part of epicLAN begins in the upper and lower brackets before the Grand [...]

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July 17, 2015

Epic.FIFTEEN seeds and groups released

Epic.FIFTEEN kicks off today in the Kettering Conference Centre and the seeds and groups for the CSGO tournament have been released. Things look very close at the top of the seeding table with fish123 claiming first after their performance in the ESL UK Premiership Qualifiers. Choke Gaming take the second seed spot and are closely followed by CaZ eSports which should make for a very interesting knockout stage, so long as there are no upsets during the groups.

1st – fish123 – keita, weber, batham, kryptix, Joee 2nd – Choke Gaming – Immi, MightyMax, Esio, Powell, Peggyyyy 3rd – CAZ eSports – jakem, REAZN, SpudZ, tsack, decclan 4th – [...]

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