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February 19, 2017

epic20: Team xLpoint take the first place win.

In the epic20 Grand Final Sunday morning, the exceL Endpoint mix team headed off against CeX. Team xLpoint had a long ride through the Lower Bracket, which included a 8:30am start this morning.

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February 19, 2017

epic20: Lower Finals – Radix eSports Vs xLpoint

The Lower Finals match before we find out who the second finalist will be. Which one of the two teams will join Team CeX in the Grand Finals? 

After Radix eSports were sent down into the Lower Brackets by Team CeX their run of convincing results end. They go head to head against exceL-Point in the Lower Finals.

As for exceL-Point, they regain confidence in the Lower Brackets racking up a series of strong results against the likes of DOG Gaming and ProjectX.

Map One: Overpass

Both teams looking to take that second place in the Grand Finals. One team with the potential to take the entire event and one team to be sent home with a 3/4 placement alongside ProjectX. [...]

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February 19, 2017

epic20: Lower Consolidation – exceL-Point Vs ProjectX

One of the final games in the Lower Bracket of the main CS:GO event. The Lower Consolidation game between the two previous winners of the Lower Semis. ProjectX and exceL-Point.

After ProjectX stormed through the Lower Brackets after getting sent down. They worked their way through from the Lower Quarter Finals to the Lower Consolidation with a clean sweep.

exceL-Point favorites to take the entire event home were surprisingly knocked down into the Lower Brackets by Team CeX which was covered in an upset article written by Michael ‘Duck’ Moriarty. Knocking out DOG Gaming in a convincing fashion sent exceL-Point to the LC.

Map One: Nuke

Coming into this [...]

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February 19, 2017

epic20: Upper Bracket Finals – Team CeX Vs Radix eSports

The Upper Bracket Finals between Radix eSports and Team CeX. 

Map One: Overpass

To conclude the finals of the Upper Brackets Radix eSports go head to head against Team CeX. Overpass being the map of choice for the first game of the series. Team CeX take an early lead to the first map, progressively Radix eSports claw back some rounds. Immediately, shut down again falling into a spiraling set of lost rounds. Later on in the map Radix come back to life and bring the map to a 15-14 scoreline in favor of CeX. Unfortunate for the Radix side they fall in the first map  16-14.

Map Two: Mirage

Needing to take a map off Team CeX, Radix wins the pistol and take the early lead. [...]

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