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Final Teams Confirmed For ESL Premiership Finals
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Gfinity UK Championship
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November 22, 2015

EZSkins win Gfinity UK Championship

Last night the conclusion of the Gfinity UK Championship took place in the Gfinity Arena in London. This event has seen teams battle it out over the last few months and it all came down to this; EZSkins, who were the favourites for the night, and Team Infused, arguably the team that most deserved the other spot in this final. Both have progressed through the tournament without dropping a single map to be in London to fight for the £2,500 first place prize.

Vetos for the Gfinity Championship Finals

Infused took an early lead in this best of 5 series, narrowly winning their map choice of Train in a nail-biting 16-14 [...]

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November 17, 2015

Gfinity UK Championship: A Look Back

The Gfinity UK CS:GO Championship final has been long awaited, with the main body of the tournament initially taking place towards the back end of the blazing summer month of July. Since then, the teams involved have both undergone a number of changes. The Infused line-up has been shaken a few times in the months gone by, even at times attending events purely as a mix. However, since then it appears the once transient roster has now stabilised with a roster that looks not too dissimilar to the one they originally made the final with.

EZSkins, once dubbed the UK’s new superteam, have also made a change. They made the [...]

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July 26, 2015

Gfinity UK Championship: Day 1

So the first day of the Gfinity UK Championships have concluded, and it has gone pretty much as expected, with only one real upset at this stage. 30 teams started in this tournament, and as such two teams went through straight on byes, which were Choke Gaming (winners of the recent epic.LAN FIFTEEN tournament) and CaZ eSports (second place at epic.LAN). Here is a quick recap of today’s events

The new team started life officially under their organisation in pure strength, putting out Team Midas in simple fashion, so that there was no questioning how strong this team was. But, this was easy pickings for the team, as the real challenge won’t start [...]

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July 21, 2015

Gfinity UK CS:GO Championship

Starting on Saturday 25th July, Gfinity will be launching their first online UK CS:GO tournament, with up to 64 teams playing for a £5000 prize pool. The cup will contain an online phase starting this weekend with the top 2 teams due to play off at a yet to be announced offline finals for the grand prize.

Current teams that are signed up to this Gfinity tournament include the first outing of the new Infused CS:GO lineup-up since the loss of HudzG and the joining of Whindanski. Infused will be joined by Epic.LAN winners Choke gaming and runners up CaZ eSports. The Team lineup, still rumoured to be the new lineup, of Rattlesnk, weber, Puls3, Mole and Fearless [...]

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