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September 2, 2015

Post Insomnia Interview with Luke ‘fearLess’ Morris of EZSKINS.

Following the major wins at i55 and also winning Dreamhack London Qualifiers I had a chat with FearLess about his thoughts on iSeries and Dreamhack London.


Hello fearLess, thanks for taking the time for this interview, for those that don’t know you can you introduce yourself please?

Sure, I’m Luke ‘fearLess’ Morris, I’m the main awper for the UK team EZskins, been around the UK scene since the CS:S days

Alright how did you like the venue and lan its self as an overall event? Any thoughts on the moving to the NEC from Winter?

I’m glad they put the tent out for the extra people, otherwise quite a few UK teams [...]

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August 30, 2015

Multiplay i55: Final Standings

As the dust starts to settle from LAN, i55 has come to a close (well the CS:GO Tournaments have anyway). We have had plenty of surprises this event, with Reason Gaming playing ever so well, Choke managing to overcome their rivals Team Infused, and EZSKINS early mishap in the group stages against All4 which meant they finished second in their respective group. With over 80 teams competing in the tournament, it once again regained it’s title as the biggest tournament at iSeries. With that growth in CS:GO in the UK seems to be on the steady rise, and it can only get better.

Here are the final standings for the 32 teams that made the ROCCAT CS:GO Tournament double [...]

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August 30, 2015

Multiplay i55 Infused vs Choke 3rd place decider.

After being knocked down by EZSKINS last night Infused have been patiently waiting for who they will have to beat if they want to be able to get revenge on the new UK Team. For this to happen Reason vs Choke would need to be played out, going the full distance and an early map 1 loss for Choke, they took the series 2 – 1 beating Reason on both Inferno and Train. This brings us to the 3rd place match of the incredibly competitive I55 CSGO tournament. Infused playing against the winners of the latest EPIC.LAN Choke Gaming.


First map of this series on Overpass starts with Choke on the Terrorists side managing to get 7 rounds against Infused’s 8 rounds as [...]

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August 30, 2015

Multiplay i55: Finals Day Preview

Here we are, 32 teams have been whittled down to just four teams for Finals Day. We’ve had some cracking matches throughout the weekend, and what better to see some big teams go head to head at the UK’s biggest LAN event. With £7,500 on the line, the final four teams will certainly have the pressure to contend with to do well.

This is a preview of today’s planned action, and how it could all go down. Bare in mind, my previews can be wildly one way or another, and that can be an entertaining thing.

Choke Gaming Vs Reason Gaming UK – 11am Start

Reason Gaming were a huge surprise over this weekend, when I looked at the team [...]

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