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insomnia63 : Final Standings
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February 7, 2017

UKCSGO Weekly Tournament Change

We’re entering week four of the renewed UKCSGO Weekly Tournament and we’ve seen some great talent shine so far in the matches.

Today we’re making a change that will impact all players in the tournaments whether you play it for fun or take it seriously. As part of our partnership with FACEIT we’ve been given access to enable their anti-cheat client on our tournaments.

So from now on when playing a UKCSGO Weekly, the FACEIT Anti-Cheat Client must be enabled at all times, you can find a link to the anti-cheat by clicking here and choosing the correct option for your version of windows (sorry Mac and Linux users.)

Once it’s installed and [...]

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January 13, 2017

The return of the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament

Towards the end of last year the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament vanished from our screens with very little warning or explanation. The reason for this is we turned our focus to the neverending task of bringing back UKCSGO County Championship, and we also started to look at other platforms as we were having increased problems with FaceIt each week. We are happy to say, the search for a new platform is over, and the County Championship is well underway!

There are very few tournament platforms out there that offer a completely automated experience, which is why we are happy our new home for tournaments is none other than, FaceIt! That’s right, our search for a new platform took [...]

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July 17, 2016

UKCSGO Weekly #12 Roundup

Coming into week 12 of the UKCSGO weekly cup we see some new and old faces. As the tournament continues to grow we’re expecting to see a lot more upcoming teams take their shot at winning 10,000 FACEIT points!

As we dive into game one, we saw Meme take on NSFUK. The map that these two teams decided to battle it out on was Train, although not seen all that much in the competitive map pool it still remains one of the more ‘tactical’ maps.  With high expectations for both teams Meme lead by Kyle ‘Swaggyavi‘ Wilson take the knife round and start on Terrorists. Train is still considered a Counter-Terrorist sided map by many so this was a bold move, but [...]

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July 11, 2016

UKCSGO Weekly Tournament changes

It has a few weeks now since moving over to FACEIT to fully automate our weekly cups, and for the most part it has all been pretty smooth. We have had a couple of non-UK teams slip through the cracks but that is almost unavoidable when using such a popular website which promotes our tournaments. The whitelist that we put in place fixed this problem, but also opened the door up to a new issue. Some teams were trying to sign up last minute with players from a country which wasn’t on the whitelist. This caused some teams to not be able to play in the tournament as once check-in starts, the whitelist couldn’t be edited. There is no easy way round this issue so I urge teams to [...]

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