epicNINETEEN: Radix moves onto the final!

by SmithhMediaOctober 15, 2016

Before the LAN, most of us were expecting quite a simple, nice and straightforward LAN event with the odds looking to favour uFrag taking the whole event with ease, this can’t have been more wrong. Before the event kicked off on Saturday morning, there was arguments between players that Radix eSports shouldn’t have even been seeded, but now they are in the grand finals! Their first game in the quarter finals was Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield’s party with him dropping 56 kills in one, yes one, game. To see more coverage of that best of three game, go to the video below where Kieran ‘Smithh’ Smith interviewed the team:



In the next game, against the more experienced DOG Gaming, they managed to 2-0 them in quite a close series in comparison to the rest of Radix’s games. The first map being quite a standard scoreline with a 16-11 even with a quiet smooya, but when smooya turned up for map two on cache, it was a lot closer then expected with Ashh and his boys choking a big lead to give it away to Radix eSports in a 16-14 fashion.

Radix played against Bulldog eSports in the following game which was on Overpass and Cobblestone. The first map went to Radix in a dominating fashion of 16:6. The next map in the BO3 series was Cobblestone which was a closer matched game but Radix ended up taking the map 16:11 and winning out the series 2-0.

Radix move to the finals on Sunday at 11:30 AM over at twitch.tv/epiclan1

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