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Farewell uFrag

by Archive

Earlier this week the sad news of uFrag’s departure from the UK esports scene was announced.

It’s with a heavy heart we say farewell to uFrag as an organisation. Having represented UK esports at events as far back as i53 in late 2014, they had grown to become a household name for UK esports fans and a staple of events.

The original news was posted on the uFrag website. Here’s what Elliot ‘Sed’ Brown, founder of uFrag, had to say;

“The time has come!

Sadly it’s time for us to acknowledge that things have run their course and we will be closing down uFrag with immediate effect.

Unfortunately nothing has come to fruition as close as some things came in relation to investment, however, in a scene where people struggle to attract investment anyway it was always going to be significantly harder to obtain when the organisation is at a standstill.

It’s been a fun period for us to be involved in UK Esports and we are glad we have been able to have a positive effect and are for the most part regarded as one of the better organisations within the UK in terms of how we have treated and managed all our players and staff throughout their times representing us. It’s definitely not a conclusion we have rushed into and various things should have been done a lot better from myself specifically in the past so realistically I can only blame myself for the position we have ended up in.

During our time we have had some fantastic results and some that have left us a tad bitter, but I have been able to meet some fantastic people and that is one thing I would not change for the world!

That being said it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the host of players and staff that have represented us from start to finish and I’d like to apologise to them for not being able to get us to the point we should have been able to reach.”

It’s always sad news when we hear of an organisation departing the scene, least of all an organisation that handled themselves, and the players associated with the organisation, with the utmost respect and dignity.

We wish all the players, staff, and management involved with uFrag the best of luck with whatever path they travel down next.

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