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GEEKZ bring in European Titans

GEEKZ ENERGY upgrade their roster with Norweigan talent.

by GrimyRannarr

Royals who have just recently been signed by GEEKZ ENERGY were renowned for having European cores in the past, will return to their roots with the addition of Sander “Grus” Iversen and Erik “truth” Hansen Dyrnes.

GEEKZ ENERGY who have recently been promoted to ESEA Advanced signed Seán “Atrox” Greene to replace John “Dutchy” Holland. On the face of this, it seemed like a good roster moves to add a player that had a lot of potential, but seemingly that wasn’t the case. After having a difficult start in Advanced losing the two opening games roster changes are already on the horizon. In a tweet posted by Atrox, he spoke about role and personality issues and thus a change was imminent.

Both Xavér “Xavi” Hebők and Atrox lack the experience of their replacements, and it seemed with the help of Edgaras “entz” Luksas and Kyle “Swaggy” Wilson they would be able to flourish. However soon into this season, they will be adding proven players that will be looking to push themselves to new heights in the European scene.

Royals find a home after 594 days

Both truth and Grus are not unfamiliar to each other as they both had recently played in the Norweigan lineup of Skade X. This lineup saw some mediocre success in Europe dancing around top 100 in Europe. However, going into the new year the roster disbanded with a lack of funding.

Truth is a familiar face in the UK scene after he played in Vexed in 2018, and most recently mixed in the Royals roster back in 2021. Last year he travelled over to America and played with ATK which would have naturally given him a lot that he can bring back to Europe, and now in this GEEKZ Energy roster.

The question of role issues now gets fixed with these two Norwegian players. Grus slots into a hard-entry role and truth will be playing anchor/lurk roles while also being an effective second caller. Alongside Swaggy who has called in the past, there will be a lot of voices dancing around this roster.

The only issue is that it won’t be a UK/IRE core, thus meaning we won’t be seeing GEEKZ ENERGY play in many regional tournaments. UKCSGO understands that they will be still playing the upcoming ESL Premiership with a stand-in.

The new international GEEKZ ENERGY will be the following:

Kyle “Swaggy” Wilson
Edgaras “entz” Luksas
Timothy “tvs” Sjöberg
Sander “Grus” Iversen
Erik “truth” Hansen Dyrnes

Andreas “addi” Wallenberg (Coach)
Andy “Mythix” Shek (Manager)

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