JGL to close its doors and pass the baton

by AzuuraJMarch 12, 2016

UKCSGO.com has learned that up and coming online UK CSGO community, JGL (or Juan Gaming League), has run its last tournament and will be shutting down further operations in the organisation.

Founder of the organisation, Tom “Weefreemen” Pickering, has decided to step down from JGL and effectively end all operations within the organisation.

JGL, which has been around since early September 2015, was essentially a home for amateur to semi-pro UK players who wanted to gain experience playing in professionally run tournaments online on a regular basis. The team behind JGL ran tournaments once per week, which soon extended to twice per week once interest in them reached a high point, and were attended by some of the UK’s top players including jakem, Esio, MiGHTYMAX and the entire Excel squad one week.

JGL was not without its controversies though, from the smallest things like stream delays to accusations of cheating players. One such controversy included ex-staff member Rafee “KerMit” Jenkins who decided to attempt to rig a skin giveaway for JGL, having attempted and suceeded in rigging other giveaways for other brands in the past.

These controversies took their toll on the small org and ultimately caused it to crumble. As JGL staff member’s ended up leaving or being incredibly busy during the week, they found themselves in a spot where they could no longer run tournaments weekly due to the workload being too high for just a couple of people to take on and have made the decision to not continue

Founder of the Organisation, Tom “Weefreemen” Pickering has issued a small statement regarding the reason of his departure and the closing of JGL:

Hey guys,

It’s been a few weeks coming but, here is the update you guys have been asking for!

I have decided to move away from JGL due to a few reasons, including my personal life and the way the community treated JGL over the last few months. Either way, I want to leave it on a positive note, it has been an awesome journey to make and I have met a lot of awesome people who are very dedicated to helping the UK scene move forward and I hope I have helped by pushing tournaments for the smaller teams/mixes.

JGL will be transferring any help we can to UKCSGO, including Azura, JGL’s head admin. UKCSGO will hopefully take the tournaments/UK scene where JGL didn’t and continue to help teams out.

Peace out and thanks for the good times!

P.s: Dont forget the bomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl4lCLI6bPo

However, this does not mean the end for amateur tournaments in the UK Scene. as you read in the statement above, JGL’s operations will be taken over by UKCSGO.com in an effort to deliver high level tournaments for the UK scene to enjoy, and to also offer a practice space for teams of any level. More info on this will be announced in the near future as we sort everything out and make sure we can deliver something of the standard that JGL has set.


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