Multiplay i55 Infused vs Choke 3rd place decider.

by Holy CupcakeAugust 30, 2015

After being knocked down by EZSKINS last night Infused have been patiently waiting for who they will have to beat if they want to be able to get revenge on the new UK Team. For this to happen Reason vs Choke would need to be played out, going the full distance and an early map 1 loss for Choke, they took the series 2 – 1 beating Reason on both Inferno and Train. This brings us to the 3rd place match of the incredibly competitive I55 CSGO tournament. Infused playing against the winners of the latest EPIC.LAN Choke Gaming.


First map of this series on Overpass starts with Choke on the Terrorists side managing to get 7 rounds against Infused’s 8 rounds as Counter Terrorists efforts. Moving onto the 2nd half after a strong start for Infused, choke constantly took rounds to the wire and managed to outfrag and get rounds to get in their favour by the end of the round. At the end with only one round to win the first map Choke drop the rounds they needed to win, allowing the first map to go into overtime.
First half of the overtime starts with Choke taking the CT half with a dominating performance taking it 4-1. Infused pulled back some rounds in the 2nd half, but in the end fell at the final hurdle with Choke taking the first map 21 – 19 after winning overtime. 

Second map of the series takes us to the all too common place of Dust 2, with Infused taking the CT side on this map against Chokes terrorist side it feels like Infused have had some caffeine whilst the toll of a long lower bracket stretch after being knocked down by Reason in the Quarter finals, infused take the first half with a dominant 10 rounds, leaving Choke with 5 going into the 2nd half and an urgent need to be able to take the pistol round to be able to stand a fighting chance on this 2nd map. With infused losing round 23 whilst sitting at 14 – 8 and a battered economy Infused force the buy up with Kritkal taking the Awp with the hopes of closing this game managing to take the round forcing Choke to have to push for the Overtime on the 2nd map with 6 rounds down, Infused clinch the win on the final retake of the map with an  AK from pit cleaning up the remains of Choke, taking the game 16 – 9.

The final map of this series takes us to the lovely map of Cache, with Infused taking the CT side to start with again on this heavily CT sided map, Infused take the first 5 rounds of one sided CS including major spray downs by Aaron, Choke throw the game into a u turn from round 6 with Esio scoring a huge ace allowing Choke to start taking rounds from Infused. Following this huge change, infused only manage to get 2 more rounds out of the first half, giving Choke a massive advantage going into the second half with a score of 8 – 7 to Choke. The second half of this final map feels the exact same as the start of every other map between these 2 teams, infused take the pistol and get a good run until Choke slam the brakes on Infuseds momentum allowing them to take the next rounds and allowing them to build a lead. The game comes to a repeat of the first map, 15-13 and Choke struggling to close out the game. The Game ends with 16 – 14 after a major defuse and Choke not choking again and closing the map before overtime and going into the grand finals against EZSKINS.

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