Multiple UK players found with evidence of cheating

by AzuuraDDecember 8, 2016

Update: As it turns out, the allegations against smooya below may be incorrect and forged by someone else as has been pointed out to us by a few community members. However until we see proof of this we will keep the article unchanged. The second we see reputable proof (we are looking into it) the article will be edited.


Cheating news the day before LAN, eh?

It’s been brought to our attention that a member of the UK Counter Strike community under the name of J4CK:), who plays for Dragon Esports, was cheating on his FACEIT account earlier this year.

Oh dear, oh dear…


The account shown is linked to the steam profile of the Dragon Esports player “J4CK:)“, and while digging through the evidence it does point to it being his actual steam account that he’s used for official matches on ESEA and other online leagues. The ban was also applied while the player was part of the Dragon Esports lineup. This raises a lot of suspicions about their sudden rise to ESEA Premier after only 2 seasons and begs the question: “Was it just recreational use, or used to promote the team in competitions?

J4CK:) also confirmed his own ban by commenting on a Steam group made specifically for it which can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ripjackstacssfaceit

Image edited to remove racist language


With insomnia59 starting today and Dragon Esports playing, Multiplay have said to us that they don’t count Faceit bans alone as a reason to ban someone from competing at an event.

Another UK talent is also under the microscope for past cheating bans on league websites CEVO and Faceit. CeX player Owen “Smooya” Butterfield has multiple cheating bans on old accounts under the name “Quzaa” which we know he used to play under by looking at his ESEA history.

#oldsmooya (Steam ID removed to protect privacy)

After seeing his plays over the past few months you’re probably not surprised to see any of this. His AWP plays routinely make it onto Twitter and more recently he was a substitute for Flipsid3 Tactics at the iBuyPower Masters and after only coming onto the scene last year nobody could be blamed for looking at his lightening quick reactions and accuracy as being assisted by third party software. He even has a VAC and Game Ban on the Steam account linked to this CEVO Ban.

VAC Was December ’15 / January ’16

You can also see on Smooya‘s ESEA page that he used to play for Playcasters, Further strengthening the evidence.

We asked for comment on Smooya from Multiplay and received a response from League Operator Jon “Vicious” Kelly:

As it stands, we don’t honour cheating bans from platforms that use server-side and manual cheating bans, using only platforms that have a client-side anticheat.
Regardless of this though we take any reports or accusations of cheating very seriously and will always investigate with due vigilance.

In the case of Smooya we can only assume that because the VAC ban happened before they started toughening up on their rules regarding hackers, he’s avoided a 1-2 year ban, unlike others.

As with all of our cheating posts, all facts have been checked and double checked to make sure they are legitimate bans as we would not want players taking the blame and consequences for things they haven’t done.

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