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NK has responded to accusations of cheating in the UK Masters Qualifiers

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Earlier today, exceL Esports accused SKUM of cheating in the UK Masters qualifiers yesterday. After many accusations were thrown from exceL’s side of the court, and the UK scene subsequently broke out into civil war, Nika “NK” Khaburzania finally responded to the accusations brought before him in a TwitLonger post.

I was asked not to answer any of your salty posts, but I can’t hold it. To start with, people were comparing my picture with faceit picture attached to “xaBuCSGO” account, like I am hiding or pretending that I am different person. This is my first comment about this problem so I could not be hiding anything. Everyone around me calls me xabu, and if they can’t pronounce it they call me Nika or NK. I used to live in Georgia but since I moved to UK I started playing with my first name: Nika as its much easier to pronounce.

Second issue, Neil_M said I was banned on ESEA for avoiding cheating ban, which is not true. I was banned twice for karma cleanup on account I was using before(Same steam ID!), and I was playing ESEA everyday, so I could not wait 30 days and made new esea after 15 days of karma cleanup and I got banned straight away, on the same day. Was obviously unbanned after 13 days and started playing on that account.

Third issue, banned on faceit. Ban was not caused by anti-cheat or some kind of client. I was not banned for cheating, but for having vac-banned account. Before faceit updated their website “template” or “design” ban reason was “Banned for VAC Ban” but since then it has changed to “Banned for cheating”. I got several emails from faceit and also chat log from one of faceit admins saying that ban was manually done by an admin because someone reported my vac banned steam account.

And to finish with, the vac ban which is attached to steam account that you are linking, which caused all this confusion and following ban on faceit, was caused by hack of another game, I forgot it was WarZ or MW3, which triggered CS ban. (CS was running at the same time as that hack), and it was 1,000 days ago! I was 14!!!

Someone said that its weird I tried to hide my name and changed nickname to NK, if you go to name history of vac banned account, you can see that NK is used there, so I am clearly not hiding it. Georgia is very poor country and I gave out that account after ban to a friend who was playing 1.6 on steam since then until last year.

Dropping 60 bombs in 48 rounds is not that crazy I think. I had around 110 ADR in that game. Which is quite normal if you are having a great day. I was being carried in UKGT by my team and aim-wise they are better then me I would say. Best thing about SKUM Gaming is that everyone can go crazy at any time and drop over 30 bombs in a game.

Neil_M stated that we dodged ESL, because we were scared of ESL Wire, I will upload my exam timetable if you wish, I had exam on that day and day after, so did Hawkins.

I can send chat logs and emails to admins if needed, I do not wish to share it to public, just because it is private conversation between main faceit admin and his friend, which is also my friend.

Anyways, please share this to other people and watch POV that I uploaded, if you want to get me banned, first watch demo, record fishy moments if there are any, upload and hopefully admins will take action. But please stop trying to get me banned on faceit for ban evasion etc, so then UK Masters organizers can disqualify my team, we practice literally every day, every player in this team is good enough to compete in high level and we will prove it in upcoming LAN’s.

The post addresses several of the points of evidence pointed out by Neil “Neil_M” Murphy in a separate TwitLonger post earlier this morning. The first of which was a Faceit account that was used previously by NK, going by the name “xaBuCSGO” NK points out that he never tried to hide the fact that this was his account

The Second point raised is on the ESEA ban for ban dodging. NK claims that this is not true and that he was banned twice for Karma Cleanup reasons. While ESEA does state that his account was banned once for Karma Cleanup in 2015, a ban the month before was triggered for Ban Dodging which NK claims was to dodge another Karma Cleanup ban.

NK moves onto clear up the rest of the accusations with Faceit ban itself. He explained that he was manually banned because his VAC banned account was linked to Faceit when they received a report. He also stated that the VAC ban was caused by a separate hack for a different game almost 3 years ago.

NK closes by also explaining “dodging EPS” (he had exams during qualifiers) and denying any wrongdoing. He has also offered to publish his exam timetable and send chat logs to Multiplay admins.

This is a developing story; Multiplay have yet to comment or make a decision on the fate of SKUM and NK. UKCSGO will bring you updates as soon as we can.

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