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Do you have some news for us? Fill in the form to submit news to UKCSGO. You can either write a full article or just send us bullet points and we will form the news piece.

All submitting will be proof read and corrected. In some cases we may fact check the article too so please make sure to provide an active email account we can contact you on should we need more information or clarification.

Please consider the following points when submitting news. If a submitted article doesn’t contain enough information we may not publish it:

* Short Blurb about the team
* Any achievements of the team thus far
* Any leagues or events they plan in playing in or currently playing in
* Roster (with full names)
* Any other information like website or social media

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Last reply was 8 months ago
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  2. […] following article was submitted to us by EB via out Submit News […]

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