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August 13, 2018

insomnia63 Prize Distribution and details

Since we announced that insomnia63 would have a whopping £30,000 up for grabs last month, there has always been a question mark on how many teams would get paid prize money through the expanded prize pool. In normal iSeries events, the prize pool would be distributed to the Top 8, and everyone else would just suffer, however we can reveal new information to the public on how many teams will get paid this time round and with what money.

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October 10, 2016

UKMasters Open Qualifiers Round-Up

After 3 consecutive weeks of competitive action in UKMasters Season 2, we see a total of 6 teams reach the league stage, each week of games 2 teams would be moved on into the league stage. The previous UKMasters Season 1 concluded with ex-CAZ eSports (tsack, jakem, Boaster, Kryptix & robiin) taking away the grand prize of £4,100 followed by FM eSports. Both of these teams have been invited to the league stage of UKMasters Season 2.

UKMasters Week 1 Qualifier:

Starting off week 1 of UKMasters Season 2, we see MnM & CeX make it through the first week. CeX making a breeze of their matches beating 2-0 & swiftly knocking out uFrag alongside the [...]

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July 8, 2016

UK Masters: Week 4 Roundup

Coming into the 5th week of the UK Masters, we are starting to learn about the tendencies of some of the teams coming into the games, instead of going in blind. With the first match of this week being jakem‘s Working Men, hot off their win at the ESL UK Premiership this past weekend and having Kryptix playing for them, all was looking positive going into Cobblestone. With TWM been known for their strong T sides, we saw TWM grind 11 rounds out on the terrorist side before hudzG and co come back into the fight and win back the last 4 rounds. Meanwhile after these last 4 rounds, TWM managed to win pistol and stream roll over FM eSports on Cobblestone and end the match [...]

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