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January 11, 2017

XENEX sign former exceL eSports line-up

After Insomnia 59, XENEX parted ways with their CS:GO roster, as many of the players parted ways with each other. Since then many had been speculating who would be next to wear the red and white of XENEX and over the weekend the roster was confirmed.

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October 14, 2016

Rasta picks up SpeedyG and co.

Here at the first day of epicLAN, organisations are already hunting to find the perfect team to win them the top prize, and Rasta is now one of few sponsored teams here at the event.

Joining up with Rasta will be Miran ‘SpeedyG’ Hoyle’s mix team which includes the likes of Joe ‘JT’ Talbot, who was most recently been seen playing in the ESL UK League under the Team Xenex banner. Also in the team, we see the inclusion of Charlie ‘ Pickles’ Pickles, last seen playing  at the latest iSeries under TCA.eSports.

The team will be playing in the epic.NINETEEN CS:GO tournament that will be starting early Friday. The tournament will be [...]

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October 10, 2016

UKMasters Open Qualifiers Round-Up

After 3 consecutive weeks of competitive action in UKMasters Season 2, we see a total of 6 teams reach the league stage, each week of games 2 teams would be moved on into the league stage. The previous UKMasters Season 1 concluded with ex-CAZ eSports (tsack, jakem, Boaster, Kryptix & robiin) taking away the grand prize of £4,100 followed by FM eSports. Both of these teams have been invited to the league stage of UKMasters Season 2.

UKMasters Week 1 Qualifier:

Starting off week 1 of UKMasters Season 2, we see MnM & CeX make it through the first week. CeX making a breeze of their matches beating 2-0 & swiftly knocking out uFrag alongside the [...]

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