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by GumpsterFebruary 29, 2016

It’s been just over a week since epic.SEVENTEEN, and with quite a few changes in the scene already, Team CeX are the latest to trade players.

Earlier this evening, Team CeX member Kristians “CINDER” Bogdanovs wrote on Twitter to confirm that Scott “kARMApangya” Campbell & James “FISHER” Fisher have both been released from the team, there have been no outright explanations of why considering Scott & Kristians have played for many many years.


Team discussing future moves at epic.SEVENTEEN

Despite the disappointing performance at epic.SEVENTEEN, the team which was spearheaded by Scott had managed two finals at two different LAN events under Reason & Team CeX and of course managed to win against CAZ eSports at insomnia56 and eventually won £3,250 which of course was doubled by the organisation in an early deal.

Recently in unreported news, Jonathan “SHEEKEY” Sheekey in the aftermath of his departure from nerdRage, went to Team CeX and helped coach the team. These moves may well be a result of input from the coach but we cannot confirm that.

Scott “kARMApangya” Campbell had this to say exclusively to UKCSGO.com

Sheekey comes along to coach and a week later me and fisher are gone

The team have confirmed they are looking for two new players currently to fill their “incomplete roles”.

Kristians “CINDER” Bogdanovs had this to add about the moves

OK, people seem to say all sorts of stuff about what happened with our team, but no one even knows what happened.

Lets start with the roots of what made us commit to this decision.
Around a month back, in a bad night of pracc(not even pracc) Scott decided to have an attitude against resu for showing him a smoke that Scott didn’t like. After around 10 minutes of bad mouthing thrown each way, Scott decided to go to bed and not pracc at all.

At that night, we all got really mad and disappointed and wanted to look for a replacement for kARMA. However, we decided to give it another try as stuff seemed to be fixed the next day. This triggered us to keep an eye on Scott and so we did. He improved for couple of weeks but then seemed not motivated to play again and would just be on for praccs’ and nothing else (individually).

After having a bad performance at lan, as team, me and resu started talking of what’s going wrong with the team. We came to a mutual agreement that we need to start over from scratch and begin with basics.

It is then when we realised that our team chemistry is not on par and we need to change something around. Resu, Charley & I agreed that Scott would be the first change in the roster. It has nothing to do with him being bad or whatever, just the fact, that his role in the team didn’t match what we wanted to accomplish. With this in mind, we knew that one change will not bring what we want for the team and obviously the second player to be changed was fisher.

We discussed for long time to either this is a good move, or not, and we’re still not sure if it is. Also, Sheekey did not have an impact on this decision. If anything, he gave us the green light by confirming of what we thought would be the change needed in our team. Watch us succeed or fail but this change was nothing to do with players skill level.

Team CeX are as follows:

Charley “Charley” Walker
Andrew “resu” Robinson
Kristians “CINDER” Bogdanovs

The team have confirmed they will be attending insomnia57 at the end of March. Who with is another matter, however make sure you should stay tuned to UKCSGO.com for all the latest on Team CeX.

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