uFrag Vs Dog Gaming – Lower Consolidation

by Thomas FosterOctober 15, 2016

After a long series of games between the two teams uFrag & DOG Gaming they face off in the Lower Consolidation. uFrag being sent into the Lower Brackets by Bulldog eSports and DOG Gaming were previously sent down by Radix eSports who are currently sat in the first Grand Finals spot. The uFrag lineup who have taken the spot as a top seed but show a set of shaky games taking them to the Lower Bracket. DOG Gaming consisting of 2 Ex-uFrag players looking to take the win from their set of wins to reach this point showing confidence across all fields of the game.

Map 1: Train

Kicking off the BO3 series with Train uFrag take to the T side where they pick up 6 rounds to Dog Gaming’s 9 rounds. uFrag win the pistol round pulling them back into the game. DOG Gaming gain the momentum and take the score to 15:11 map point, in a desperate buy Frankie ‘FrankstaH’ Rini pulls out a clean 3k with a deagle keeping uFrag in map one but uFrag eventually fall 16:12 to DOG Gaming on Train.

Map 2: Dust 2

To start off Dust 2 DOG Gaming have the one map advantage and require only one more map to advance to the Lower Final where they would face off against Bulldog eSports. uFrag win out the pistol round but DOG Gaming reply with a round of their own winning a force buy, continuing from this round they close out 5 following rounds bringing it to 6:1. uFrag clutch out one round putting an end to the streak of DOG Gaming. uFrag begin to gain control of the game picking up a few more rounds bringing the score to 6:7. A 2v1 retake goes to uFrag bringing the scoreline all square, after a slow start for uFrag they manage to win the half 8:7 from 1:6.

The second half gets underway and uFrag again take the pistol. uFrag begin running away collecting rounds up until 14:8. Just before map point DOG Gaming keep the game in reach by clawing back a round. uFrag manage to eventually close the game out 16:10 bringing the series to map 3.

Map 3: Cache

Heading to Cache uFrag pick up the pistol round follow up with 2 rounds before losing their first to DOG Gaming. As the game progresses we see DOG Gaming take to the flow of the game clutching out some close rounds finishing the game and the BO3 series 2-1 in favour of DOG Gaming 16:11.

DOG Gaming advance to the Lower Bracket Finals where they will face off against Bulldog eSports live on the EpicLAN1 Twitch Channel be sure to tune in.



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