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by Michael MoriartyFebruary 21, 2018

Hey! Here’s a post from us that’s in a format that’s a tad unusual. I’m Michael “DuckMoriarty” Moriarty, the new / returning / never really left Editor-in-Chief for the website we know as UKCSGO. I’m here to talk about what UKCSGO.com will be doing in 2018, and the further future, so the best way would be through a simple post right before epicLAN kicks off this weekend. Below is a list of things that are set to be changing and how we’ll content up your life.

LAN Events Coverage

From epic23 and forwards, events coverage will be focused on round-by-round tournament results, interviews and a lot of other content available to us. Now, that sounds vague, but the plan is to cover the life and soul of LAN events in the UK, in terms of how people act, perform and feel about the tournaments in the UK. We’ll be utilising social media more to provide proper on-the-spot updates on the tournament to keep

It’s an entire work in progress, one that’ll be looked over and revised again and again, and probably a few times again after that.

Our policy on Insomnia is unchanged from before. While Insomnia offers press passes for their events, which would offset the burden of costs, these do not currently cater to our needs and requirements to access the BYOC and Esports areas. We have previously attempted to try and have this changed, but as of now that is yet to happen. However limited remote coverage will remain for UKCSGO.com for the foreseeable future.

Other LAN events that are held in the UK (ECS Season 5 Finals, the rumoured FACEIT London Major and more) we will send teams to for content creation. Sourcing interviews and keeping articles regularly updated, when these events happen we’ll keep the website constantly updated with the information straight out of the venues.

There’s a lot of things set to be going down in the UK in 2018, and we intend to cover as much of it as humanly possible.

Online Tournaments

Outside of LAN, we’ll start doing regular online tournament recaps throughout the week. We’ll set up a proper schedule for such posts, but previews for the ESL Premiership have already commenced, and the recaps will be starting as of tomorrow, and every Thursday afterwards.

ESEA leagues will have a recap mid-season, with the entire week of that mid-season filled with recaps. This will be happening either this week or the next – unfortunately our plans haven’t gone fast enough for us to ensure we manufactured a proper schedule to work off of yet. However, the rough format of posts regarding the ESEA ladder will act as follows:

Division Released Teams
ESEA Open #3 ~ 106
ESEA Intermediate #2 ~ 25
ESEA Main #1 ~ 13
ESEA MDL #4 Wind and Rain
ESL Prem Div #2 TBD 47

This format will be revisited after the ESEA season, I’m sure. But this is how it’ll work for now. We have an immense wealth of talent inside of the ESEA league system and they each have stories  that deserve to be told. The table above also includes the ESL Premiership Division #2, which currently acts in the ESEA system. It used to work as part of the ESEA structure, promoting teams anywhere in the ladder up to Main, but now acts as a promotion system to the ESL Premiership.

The way we’ll cover the ESL Premiership, and how we intend ESEA to work in the future, is in a similar fashion to how we planned to cover the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2, up until the reporter we used vanished and no-one was either able or willing to pick up the slack, hence the death of UKCSGO.com.

Other currently unannounced online events (*cough* UK Masters *cough*) will also be covered in a similar fashion, depending on resources and their formats. We entirely intend UKCSGO.com to be the central hub of UKCS-related content, and so it shall.

UKCSGO.com Top 10

With the amount of online leagues going on, coupled with LAN events, there’s enough going around for us to work on a Top 10 ranking once again. However such things always cause controversy and a fair amount of work, so getting trustworthy people in the scene involved will be important for us to get this off the ground again. If you want to join the panel (your membership will be anonymous) do get in touch.


I’m aware the site has been inactive for some time. Our relationship with the scene had soured to a point that made it difficult to create content related to the scene. We’d like to stretch an apology out to those involved and promise never to let such things happen again.

UKCSGO Tournaments

The County Championships will return. More details soon™.

UKCSGO.com Weekly Cups may return. More details soon™.


We have a Discord server that (one day) will be active full of people discussing topics and the general goings on in the scene. You can join through ukcsgo.com/discord, and ask questions that way. We’ll set up a proper system regarding roles in the near future – but come join and be active to talk about UKCS and stuff. We’ll be running… things through it in the near future too, so it’s worth joining.


So, all of this work needs people to help out on. We have no massive hedge fund, venture capital group or sustainable ad revenue enabling us to be able pay for the various staff needed. So, in a manner familiar throughout the entirety of the exploitative nature of esports, I’m throwing down the gauntlet for volunteers to help us out with our return. Unlike certain organisations in the space, we won’t be requiring bags of experience or an exceptionally large amount of your time to methodically cover things.

All we need are people with a drive to tell stories, report on the (near endless) roster moves going on in the scene and cover the leagues and tournaments that take place. All you’ll need to give us is a couple hours of your time every week to help out. What we give is a proper stepping stone into the world of esports that won’t completely wear you out. If you’re interested, or have any other questions, my DM’s are open for whatever you want to ask. I’m also reachable through Discord.

The roles we’re looking for are as follows:

  • Writers
    • If you have previous writing work I’d love to see it, but it’s not necessary. Just make sure you can write!
  • Video Editors
    • This is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want to help out with some small video editing work for us, mostly stitching together interviews or frag clips from tournaments, do let me know.
  • Graphics Editors
    • I’m not great with photos and making things look nice. If you’re looking for somewhere to hone your skills for a little bit and test things out without too much remorse, do come on in.
  • Other roles
    • If you want to help out with UKCSGO.com and you have a skill listed above, do let us know. 

We’ve already brought on a number of volunteers from a variety of roles to help out, including Thomas “Thomas278” Foster, Lucas “laika” Lewis, Daniel “dbdan” Boyle and Olly “roooc” Olsen. Returning from the old guard is everyone’s favourite Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton and Adam “Blanks” Heath will remain around in a management capacity.

So, thanks for reading this post. If you have any feedback, you can reach me through Twitter (below) or the Discord. I’ll listen to all feedback, and hope you’ll let us rebuild alongside you all.

-Michael “DuckMoriarty” Moriarty
UKCSGO.com Editor-in-Chief

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