UKCSGO Weekly Tournament return

by Adam Heath
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It’s back! The UKCSGO Weekly Tournament will be start again tomorrow at 7pm. Same time, very new location.

We have been busy building our own platform to support our tournament needs, , and today we’re proud to announce it’s ready for us to start using it. The first thing we want to run on is the return of the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament. These weekly cups will not only give the community a regular event to take part in, but will also help us iron out any issues on the platform before we run something bigger on it…something “County Championship” like. While the design of the site still requires a bit of attention, the functionality is all there and we look forward to seeing it in action tomorrow night.

There are eight spots open in tomorrow night’s cup, which we will look to expand once we’re happy with the performance, so grab your team and head on over to, register and enter the cup.

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