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What is the British Counter-Strike Association?

The British Counter-Strike Association has been setup to try and help further the development of the UK scene.

by arnie

Former Endpoint Coach and Broadcast Analyst, Allan “Allan” Hender recently announced on Twitter that he, along with other top pros from the UK, have set up a new association to try and help the UK scene.

Allan announced that the following individuals will be joining him on the board; Endpoint IGL Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath, Fnatic IGL William “mezii” Merriman, and the final out of the four members will be GamerLegion Coach and UK stalwart Ashley “ash” Battye.

In order to asway any concerns about the lack of connection to grassroots, Allan followed up his tweet by stating that the board has already spoken at length with members from, arguably, the top Eight teams in the UK. These teams also have open lines for direct contact with the board members. With some of these eight teams currently being in ESEA Main, it is clear that the British Counter-Strike Association (BCSA) want to make sure they don’t just cover the very top of UK CS and is instead casting a wider net over the entire scene.

The BCSA has also spoken at length with UKCSGO about their plans for the future, many of which will be coming into action during the new year. They have assured us that they aim to be completely transparent in their actions and have begun talking with tournament organisers, admins and other members of the scene, beyond players, to get a wider understanding of the scene’s key issues.

What the Association has planned for the new year and the general improvement of the scene is yet to be seen, however, they have taken all the right steps and are saying the right things for people to get on board with welcoming them into the space.

UKCSGO will be conducting an interview with BCSA heading into 2023 to get a deeper understanding of their plans.

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