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by Adam Heath
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Earl: “I have shown I’m not the person I was five years ago.”

From nearly getting grouped to making it all the way to the upper bracket final, the run of the AVA.mix team has been just one...

cryths on JackB: “He’s probably better than all of us”

Everyone knows that on LAN if you aren’t screaming, you aren’t winning. Rory “cryths” Ursell, has been doing an awful lot of both so far...

Rhys: “We didn’t expect to make it out of groups, we expected to be drinking today.”

Nutty dudes were one of many group stage surprises on day one of EPIC36. The mixed team carried reasonably low expectations even before they were...

Husky: “[LAN pressure] doesn’t really bother me”

After seeing the group favourites fall at the first hurdle, genetexe avoided a similar fate by securing a win in their first match of the...

EKO win first LAN event

The EKO Esports squad got life under their new organisation off to a roll with a LAN win at the alpenScene Road to LEVEL UP...

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