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UKCSGO Official rankings are here!

Over the last couple of years we have become more than familiar with Mischief and his amazingly detailed spreadsheet to work out the rankings of UK...

EPIC.LAN forced to rehome as KCC shuts for good

EPIC.LAN is being forced to find a new home for future events as the Kettering Conference Centre has announced it will be closing its doors...

TLR drop their CSGO Roster

EpicLAN is just over two weeks away, and while most organisations and teams would be pushing to get the best performance out of their team,...

CSGO announced at Insomnia Gaming Festival i69

Insomnia Gaming Festival has announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be returning to i69 this August. This early announcement is in response to feedback from...

Endpoint bench BOROS

Endpoint announced on Twitter earlier today that Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas would be moving from the active roster to the bench. This change is a result...

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