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Endpoint bench BOROS

BOROS finds himself benched after voicing the desire for change

by Adam Heath

Endpoint announced on Twitter earlier today that Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas would be moving from the active roster to the bench. This change is a result of BOROS communicating with the team that he would like the option to persue other opportunities away from the Endpoint roster.

BOROS has played for Endpoint since August 2021, signing a two-year contract with the team at the time. He boasts the highest HLTV rating on Endpoint since joining the squad, brandishing an impressive 1.13 rating. He joined Endpoint to fill the gap left by William “⁠mezii⁠” Merriman, who then went on to join the newly formed Fnatic lineup.

BOROS has been a strong addition to the Endpoint roster over the last nine months, and replacing him will be no small task. However, with a wealth of young UK talent available at the moment, could we be seeing the return of an Endpoint with a UK core once again?

With the team announcing that they are open to offers to release him early, Endpoint is now comprised of the following players:

  • Joey “CRUC1AL” Steusel
  • Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath
  • Kia “Surreal” Man
  • Guy “Nertz” Iluz
  • Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas (Benched)
  • Allan “Allan” Hender (Coach)

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