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February 23, 2018

epic23: Seedings

The CS:GO tournament at epic23 is due to start soon, and with that, the seedings for the event have just been announced. As always, the seeds have been generated by the tournament admins based on their knowledge and the history of the teams and players involved. They are used to structure the groups to ensure that the tournament is not heavily stacked out with too many “groups of death”. Expect drama.

epic23 Seeds:

1st: Bulldog (Business Babes & Brandon) 2nd: fish123 3rd: Stif CeX With Joe 4th: Stickmen

5th: CeX 6th: Enclave 7th: Boys, Beers & Bmagic 8th: ProjectX

9th: [...]

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February 9, 2018

ESL Premiership – Teams who have qualified thus far?

It’s a little bit of time since the end of ESEA Season 26, but thanks to ESL’s announcement we now know the teams who have managed to qualify to the ESL Premiership – the highest possible (now that Gfinity Elite Series has dropped CS:GO) and longest running (7 seasons) league within the UK. After a very long and tiring season for many teams, over 89 teams competed in the season with 32 teams making the playoffs to find the four teams who would join the other four teams in ESL Premiership.

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February 1, 2018

Impulse Gaming sign new UK Lineup

This post was submitted by Christian earlier this month through our “Submit News” feature.

Impulse Gaming have recently announced they have built a new roster, and with that look to be competing in ESEA Season 27, and other events as and when they get announced. They most likely will be heading to insomnia62 at the end of March.

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August 27, 2017

insomnia61: Final Standings

The final Insomnia LAN of the year has come to a close with the CS:GO Tournament taking centre stage at the NEC this weekend. With £7,500 prize money up for grabs, it was always going to be a thrilling encounter as insomnia61 came to round the year off. 

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