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epic24: The GOTVs
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epic.LAN Announce Grosvenor partnership

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February 21, 2018 Plans for 2018 and Beyond

Hey! Here’s a post from us that’s in a format that’s a tad unusual. I’m Michael “DuckMoriarty” Moriarty, the new / returning / never really left Editor-in-Chief for the website we know as UKCSGO. I’m here to talk about what will be doing in 2018, and the further future, so the best way would be through a simple post right before epicLAN kicks off this weekend. Below is a list of things that are set to be changing and how we’ll content up your life.

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January 19, 2017

County Championship Finals: Format, Schedule and Groups

This Saturday marks the start of the County Championship Finals. It’s been a rough ride but we lost no enthusiasm and we’re finally here after 4 tough qualifiers that left us with eight County teams that will be battling for the prize pool this weekend.

Those teams are:

Cumbria Dublin Glamorgan Norfolk Lincoln Leicestershire County Down County Galway

The format for the Finals weekend will be optimized so that players get the most out of the weekend and play as many games as possible.

It’ll start with two groups of four teams each, These groups have been randomised so no seeding comes into play. These are round robin groups so each team plays 3 [...]

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December 8, 2016

County Championship Update – New Format!

As some of you already know if you follow the Steam Group, I asked for some help from players of the County Champs in regards to the format.

You may remember when we originally planned the County Champs we were going to use a 128 team double elimination bracket over 2 weekends. There were multiple problems with this format, for example: teams got one real chance to prove themselves, if they lost 2 Bo1’s they were out and that’s not fun for anyone, especially in a tournament you’ve been waiting months for.

After our delay, I thought up a new format which has proved useful in other competitions and tournaments across the Counter Strike scene. Four [...]

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November 26, 2016

County Championship delayed

A number of things didn’t quite go to plan today which forced our hand to delay the 2016 UKCSGO County Championship. The original delay was to give teams more time to enter their ChallengeMe.GG username to the website. When first consulting with CME.GG, this information was said to be enough to sort teams out on their platform. However, it wasn’t till the CME.GG tournament team started creating the teams, they realised they needed more information. They sprung into action and created a new form for teams to fill in, but with time pressing we only managed to get a small percentage of total team’s information. It was at this stage that Dale, one of our tournament [...]

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