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The County Championship returns

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Back by popular demand, we are bringing you a second season of the UKCSGO County Championship. After the huge success of Season 1, we have ramped things up this time round and put in a lot of groundwork to improve the tournament.

Season 1 was mostly controlled by a Google Form, feeding information into a Google Spreadsheet. We then had a script that pulled the information from that spreadsheet and displayed it on the County Championship website for captains to pick their teams from. It wasn’t the most advanced way of doing things, and quite a pain to get the information we needed out of it. That is why, this time round, we have custom coded our own platform to handle everything from signups, to the picking of rosters. This way it keeps all the information in one place with real-time updates and means that once the captains have been chosen, they have a list of just the people from their county in front of them. This will make the job of the captain much easier.

As we did last time, we are going to open signups for the County Championship for a couple of weeks before working out the full format of the tournament. This allows us to gauge the interest in the event before setting knockout structure, times and dates. Last season we had 48 teams take part in the County Championship, let’s see if we can’t beat that this time!

As of yet, this tournament has no sponsors, but once signups start flooding in, I’m sure we will have some companies show some interest. Last season had £500 up for grabs thanks to OnlineKeystore and hitbox.

Stop talking I want to sign up to the County Championship!

Ok, ok! Fine! The new home for the County Championship can be found here: http://cc.ukcsgo.com. Head there, sign up, and let’s get this ball rolling! We are still working on the activation system for accounts but you can sign up now, so you are ready when we activate the accounts.

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