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ESL Premiership: Week 1 Preview
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Stifmeister signed by Wind and Rain
ESL Premiership: Week 1 Preview
ESL Premiership – Teams who have qualified thus far?
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September 12, 2017

The UKCSGO Free For All

Last night we launched our UKCSGO Free For All on FACEIT. We have been brainstorming the idea for a while now to come up with a complete plan which we are going to release in stages over the coming months.

To start with we’re opening up the UKCSGO Free For All to all level of players as a foundation to grow from. Within a couple of hours of launching, we had over 120 users join the hub and start queuing and playing together. While this hub is open to all, we will be actively monitoring and admining the games to keep the group friendly and protect the integrity of the games.

The UKCSGO Free For All hub leaderboard shortly after [...]

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September 6, 2017

Launch of 24/7 UK CSGO events stream

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of our 24/7 stream dedicated to UK CSGO events. This stream will provide round the clock replays from throughout the history of the UK CSGO scene.

The lovely people at epicLAN are the first to jump on board this stream, providing us with replays of epic15, epic20 and epic21. We are also in talks with a number of other UK event providers so hope to be adding more variety soon.

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January 27, 2017

GoatBet join us for the Weekly Tournament

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that GoatBet is joining us for the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament. This partnership allows us to offer giveaways during the stream and offer something extra to the winning team. Now, in addition to the FACEIT points, the winning team will receive £10 worth of free eSports bets each. This is subject to each member being over 18 years old, and having a GoatBet account.

We will also have a collection of £5 free eSports bets that we will be giving away during the stream via out new Twitch chat bot, so make sure you tune in and get involved in the chat.

While they do cover the CSGO scene and allow bets to be placed on certain games, [...]

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December 10, 2016

The UKCSGO Forum returns…again!

I know it wasn’t that long ago that we announced the return of the UKCSGO Forum, but sadly it’s life expectancy wasn’t as long as we would have liked. As many of you know, we recently migrated to a new web server a couple of months ago. The migration of the core website, County Championship website, and other sites we host was a flying success. However, due to our choice of forum platform, the migration of this didn’t go too smoothly. We spent some time trying to recover the old forum and bring it back to life, but certain conflicts with the newer technology we chose for the server made it impossible to recover.

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