A new team on the same mission - Covering the UK CSGO scene.

by Dafydd

Welcome to the new and improved UKCSGO.com! The place we aim to make the hub of UK CS news and coverage. This is brought to you by a brand new team, a mixture of old and new of which we are all volunteers. A return was planned during the peak of Covid, starting with the much loved and missed UKCSGO County Championship, but due to staff shortages and the loss of our tournament partner these plans were put on hold. But now with a brand new team behind us, we are able to return to providing scene-wide news, coverage, and insight with the passion and dedication we did before.

Alongside our comeback is a new mentality. UKCSGO is dedicated to lifting up the players and teams by giving them coverage and stand-out interviews, both written and recorded. But this version of UKCSGO wants to give a platform to writers, social media managers and graphic designers who are passionate about the scene. Our aim is to bring on one-of-a-kind talents, pass on some knowledge, and help put their work out there to get their foot in the door of the big names of CS:GO media. 

With a new Editor in Chief, Head of Graphic Design, Senior and Junior Editors, and Ne0Kai, we are building a team that has a real passion for UKCSGO. Check out if any of these roles suit you, and if so, apply! Even if you don’t think you have any experience, don’t worry, we still want you to apply! When I got my first opportunity in CSGO my biggest experience was flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Social Media Manager 
Graphic Designer
Junior Writer
Roster Reporter 
Junior Editor

Please be aware that each of these positions are volunteer and a way for people to help break into the industry. We don’t expect a lot of time commitment, even less than part-time and you will get as much out of the role as you put in. Please click the link to each of the applications if you wish to apply. You CAN apply for as many roles as you wish!


-Dafydd, Editor in Chief of UKCSGO.com

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