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Hypnotic announce new roster headlined by ex-lucent core

Hypnotic return to CS:GO after leaving the game in June 2021.

by Dafydd

The “no names” roster that played four games together in ESEA Main Season 41 will now be competing under the Hypnotic banner. Hypnotic previously had a team that played in ESEA Season 37, though they dropped that squad and exited Counter-Strike, making this their first pick-up in almost a year.

Hypnotic’s new team will be using the Lucent name to keep their ESL Premiership spot but are contracted to Hypnotic up until August 2022. had the opportunity to sit down with Hypnotic owner Alexander Allan and talk about why they signed the roster, what his aspirations are for the team, and what he anticipates to be their longevity.

“Why this roster? What really stood out about these players in particular?”
We chose this roster as we have had some of the players signed previously (Jins, Nem & VireZ) and know they are reliable players who will work hard towards achieving their goals. We have also heard nothing but positive things about C60 and 1yz0, which made them ideal candidates to complete the team. In light of their progression, we think they are a good match for what skill level we are looking for to start our journey again within CS:GO.

“What are the aspirations for this roster?”
In an ideal world, we would like to progress to the top levels of the respective leagues. There is a lot of work to be done to get to that point, but we believe this is achievable with the current roster. Additionally, we are looking to place well for upcoming LAN events to give us the best chance of success – as well as promote the brand with a team that we have faith in.

“What future tournaments are you hoping to play?”
We have a plan to enter a mixture of tournaments and leagues throughout the rest of 2022. These include the following;
– ESEA League
– ESL Premiership
– EpicLAN
– Insomnia
However, we are always on the lookout for any opportunities that arise to enter other qualifiers & main events for other tournaments.

“How long-term do you aim to go with this roster?”
As of right now, we have a single-season contract that will be under review on a performance – and suitability – basis. If both parties are happy with the progress and relationship formed with one another, we will look at extending this partnership into the future.

With an organisation behind them, who knows how far this roster can go. We will have to wait till August to see what the future of this roster looks like.

Hypnotic are now:
Ben “C60” Saberton
Joe “Jins” Dines
Luke “Nem” Mear
Zy “1yz0” Esponilla
Christopher “VireZ” Wegmann
Harrison “Hazzernator” Slater (coach)

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