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Multiplay drop Winter LAN for 2017
ESL take the UK Premiership to EGX in September
Gfinity announce BBC and BT Sport deals
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December 11, 2016

insomnia59: Final Standings

The CS:GO Tournament has come to a climatic close. After three full days of compelling Counter-Strike action, it finally has come to the close. We finally get to see who wins the biggest share of £5,000 with some massive shocks, and some great underdog stories once again. This LAN has capped a wonderful year of UK LAN action, and we can only look forward to the entirety of 2017 to see where CS takes us.

On Friday, teams of all skill levels can only believe that they are capable of winning, and of course this provided some incredible entertainment throughout the group stages. Whilst the groups were slightly weakened by having the top three go through to the elimination stage, [...]

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December 10, 2016

insomnia59: The Elimination Brackets (LIVE)

Insomnia59 is trialling out a new bracket system for this LAN. It’s a creation of Jon “ViciousHorizon” Kelly, so no-one really knew what to expect how it’d potentially work. Time for a quick explanation of the bracket system.

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October 14, 2016

epic.NINETEEN – The Viewers Guide

In traditional LAN fashion, we have the Viewers Guide for everyone to glance at. It should be noted we usually post this on the Thursday of the epic.LAN events, however the admins at the event had been toying with what format to have for the event. After many hours spent devising the format and formulating seeds, they have finally come to the conclusion of having a GSL format this event.

As previous event coverage, we like to help provide a post which includes all notable things from the event, and gives you an anticipated timeline of what to expect throughout the weekend. This post will give you a few of the teams to look out for, the format of the event, the stream [...]

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July 31, 2016

Join us at 4TG Game Con 2016! £1000 CSGO event

Next weekend, from the 6th to 7th of August, we will be descending in force upon Aberdeen to help out at 4TG Game Con 2016. From casters, to writers, to the meme generator/producer Jordan “Misty” Johnson himself, we will be helping out round the event and covering the £1,000 CSGO tournament that they are hosting.

The event is being held in the picturesque Scottish city of Aberdeen, in the Aberdeen AECC Arena. There are 6 different eSports tournaments being held at this event as well as an exhibition which will include the much-loved retro area where you can take a trip down memory lane with old consoles. There will also be the chance for you to try out the latest [...]

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