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Endpoint Win ESL Premiership

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August 24, 2018

Insomnia 63: A chat with CeX awper: Frayzehh

In our final interview in the run up to Insomnia we had a chat with Fraser ‘Frazehh’ Sollom to get his thoughts on his team, i63 and the UK scene as a whole. Frazehh is currently the main awp for CeX but has been playing for the vast majority of his life. Fraser began playing Counter Strike Source when he was 4 years old on his dad’s PC. He had an instant love for the game and played non-stop mostly on community mini game servers such as surf and jailbreak. When CS:GO was released, Fraser continued playing and got more of a passion for the core game. He started playing more competitively and honing his skills. When the UK Circuit was launched Fraser spent a lot of [...]

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August 16, 2018

insomnia63: Catching up with old friends – f00b

When I had a quick glance the other day on the insomnia63 sign up list, there was a group of names I recognised from the Counter-Strike: Source and early CS:GO days, that I hadn’t really seen in a long time. The team named “Reborn” hosts a wealth of former old talent, including Matthew “Holl1s” Hollis and Aidan “foolio” Wood The team is spearheaded by Jay “f00b” Davenport, the player we are interviewing now.

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February 17, 2017

epic20: An Interview with…… skuxz

It may not be the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major, but the UK has some of it’s own domestic LAN events to look forward to. The first UK LAN is always a highly competitive affair, mixed with a lot of intriguing results, new lineups, and incredible drama to boot. With epic.TWENTY around the corner in the next couple of weeks, I have started sitting down with various team representatives and their thoughts on a wide ranging array of subjects going over previous LAN results, their thoughts on the UK Scene, epic.LAN in general, and their own team and what they are hoping to achieve with the current roster. This is the final of six interviews with various team captains and team players. This time we [...]

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February 9, 2017

PhoenixUK : Special show on Sunday at 7pm

It has been a long time since we last did a special show, in fact I believe it was April last year when PhoenixUK was on for a regular time. Over the course of that time, many new faces have not been forced to see this wonderful masterpiece that I have created. However for a few months last year, it was an incredibly successful show that spearheaded epic.LAN’s Stream Team and provided the UK esports scene a talk show that covered a wide variety of talking points.

With epic.LAN around the corner, and much debating to be had in the scene, on Sunday evening, for three full unadulterated hours, you wonderful people will be subject to the monotone voice of Tom [...]

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