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Welcome to UKCSGO.

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First and foremost, welcome to UKCSGO.com. As you might have guess from the title, we are a website dedicated to the coverage and promotion of the UK Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene. Recently, it came to light that many members of our community felt that there were few central channels that deliver high quality, frequent coverage of UK Counter Strike. As a result, community integration was limited and the prospect of growth stunted. In years gone by, there had been many good unifying locations where the UK community could muster, and as such the community thrived to the point of having some of the highest caliber Counter Strike Source teams in the world. With that community drive, there truly was an appetite for success.

That is exactly what we hope to achieve with UKCSGO.com. To provide a centralised portal for all up to date information information regarding UK CSGO. Somewhere to throw comments and ideas around about the latest team changes and tournaments. A place to ensure you don’t miss any of the action and know exactly when and where to be. A home for UK Counter Strike. We hope UKCSGO truly can be a resource embraced by the community.

The most crucial aspect that will make this website a success is a constant supply of top quality, relevant content. At the moment, we are but two men trying to cover as much as possible whilst still trying to maintain other life commitments. So, not only would we like to welcome you, but also, we’re staging a call to arms for all who think they can contribute to the site. We truly want to achieve a base for comprehensive, widespread multimedia content surrounding the UK CSGO environment. This ranges from short, snappy breaking news, to feature length interviews and tournament previews. We are not even limiting ourselves to the written form, and anticipate a vast amount of video content such as regular highlight reels and video interviews. So, with that fresh in your mind, if you believe you could make a good volunteer for the site as it hopefully grows into a success, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We are looking for:

  • Scene News Writers
  • Feature Article Writers
  • Frag Clip Creators
  • Forum Moderators
  • Match Ticker Moderators
  • Any other helping hands!

For those interested, send a quick email over to [email protected].

For the moment we are more than open to suggestion for features that you may desire for the site. Of course, with using a pre-built CMS framework, some things may be beyond our capability – but we will endeavour to deliver as much as we can.

Thank you for reading.

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