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Update to UKCSGO – Return of the Forum

by Archive

Hello people! I thought I would let you into the loop on a little update to UKCSGO… We have brought back the UKCSGO Forum!

The Forum disappeared when we moved to our new look as they weren’t very well supported by the theme. It was also fast becoming a nightmare to manage as the plug-in we used wasn’t as good as other options out there. This is why we have moved away from a plug-in based forum, and gone with a stand-alone system. This gives us a much better platform, more stability and flexibility to work with, helping us provide a better experience to you all.

It is early days for the forum, as you can see. We will be filling it up with more categories if we see the need, but starting off we feel more is less. Having less guidelines on where to place what, we also hope users will take a more Reddit/Facebook approach and post anything that is on their mind, rather than having strict “must be on topic” rules.

With this change, we have disabled registration to the main site. Due to all comments being pulled in automatically from social media interactions, there is no need for an account on the main site. We were slowly seeing an increase in bot registrations and spamming, which we hope will now die down since we have made this change. Should new users click the registration button now, they will be taken directly to the UKCSGO Forum where you can make an account and get involved.

Over the coming weeks we will be trying to make the transition between site and forum as seamless as possible as well as listen to feedback and improve on the platform.

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