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UKCSGO County Championship: Update

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Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates about this. The past couple of months have been far busier than expected with events happening all over place. It has seriously hindered getting the UKCSGO County Championship moving as in a perfect world I would have liked to have things well underway by now.

Let’s start off with some good news. The amazing people over at OnlineKeyStore are rejoining us for the UKCSGO County Championship Season 2 as a headline sponsor. They have very generously thrown in £200 to the prizepool to get the ball rolling. It’s always great to see a sponsor return to an event and we’re thrilled to have them back on board.

Because of the sheer size of this year’s County Championship, working out a format is no easy feat. There are still a couple of options on the table for what platform we’re going to use and I have some meetings lined up this week to finalise that decision. As it stands, until a platform is secured, sadly we can’t say if the event will be a straight knockout, or a group stage moving into a knockout. One thing is for sure though, the first games still start on the 12th of November, as a poll that was held in the UK CSGO Scene Facebook group showed an overwhelming number of people preferring this to be a weekend event rather than a weekday event.

I know the update is nowhere near as detailed as you were probably expecting, but the mammoth size of this event is creating a lot of interesting challenges which are taking longer to sort out than expected. I will be back with you at the end of the week with more detail on what platform we’ll be using, and the format for the event. Please remember that if you need any help with the County Championship, that DM-ing us on Twitter is the best way to get in touch with us. Tweets directed at us can easily get missed or overlooked due to the activity we get on Twitter.

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