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County Championship Finals: Format, Schedule and Groups

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This Saturday marks the start of the County Championship Finals. It’s been a rough ride but we lost no enthusiasm and we’re finally here after 4 tough qualifiers that left us with eight County teams that will be battling for the prize pool this weekend.

Those teams are:

  • Cumbria
  • Dublin
  • Glamorgan
  • Norfolk
  • Lincoln
  • Leicestershire
  • County Down
  • County Galway

The format for the Finals weekend will be optimized so that players get the most out of the weekend and play as many games as possible.

It’ll start with two groups of four teams each, These groups have been randomised so no seeding comes into play. These are round robin groups so each team plays 3 games. In the case of a Tiebreaker, round difference will be looked at in order to get the top 2 teams from each group. After that, teams move into the Single Elimination Best of 3 bracket which will be played on Sunday.

Without further ado, I’d like to announce the groups each team will be in on Saturday:

Tough groups for all teams!

This all kicks off on our twitch channel at 7PM Saturday, so come support your county or just come to watch some great games.

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