County Championship delayed

by Adam HeathNovember 26, 2016

A number of things didn’t quite go to plan today which forced our hand to delay the 2016 UKCSGO County Championship. The original delay was to give teams more time to enter their ChallengeMe.GG username to the website. When first consulting with CME.GG, this information was said to be enough to sort teams out on their platform. However, it wasn’t till the CME.GG tournament team started creating the teams, they realised they needed more information. They sprung into action and created a new form for teams to fill in, but with time pressing we only managed to get a small percentage of total team’s information. It was at this stage that Dale, one of our tournament admin’s, made the correct decision to call off the event until further notice.

However, this means there are now not enough free weekends left in the year to pull off this event, with UK Masters playoffs, iSeries, Christmas and New Year all within spitting distance. Thankfully, after all the festivities, we have a whole new year at our disposal.

With all that laid out, I am pleased to announce that the 2016 UKCSGO County Championship will take place on January 7/8th and 14/15th 2017. While this delay may anger some people, it does open the door to bring a new sponsor on board who narrowly missed the original deadline, so hopefully I will be able to bring you news of that soon.

I will also release a further announcement regarding what needs to be done between now and then when I am back in the country.

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