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Another update to the County Championship

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Alright people, it’s pretty obvious we tried to rush the start of the County Championship because 2016 is slowly slipping away, and for some reason we have an iSeries in December – MADNESS! This has caused me to relook at the current plan and decide to scrap the current schedule, and come up with something more defined so everyone knows exactly what’s going on so they can plan accordingly. The tournament will still be a 128 team double elimination. There are currently 93 teams created so still a lot of space to add new teams for existing and new counties.

The new plan splits the County Championship over 2 weekends. 4 upper bracket games played on Saturday, 4 lower bracket games played on Sunday for week 1, and 3 upper bracket games on Saturday, 2 lower bracket games and the grand finals (bo3) on Sunday for week 2. The dates we are setting are 26th-27th November, and 3rd-4th December, all wrapped up in time for iSeries the weekend after.

This tournament is created for the community which is why we listen to as much feedback as we can and adapt the event to be as inclusive as we can. This is why we need to know from you is what time suits you best at the weekend. For this, we have created a poll on the UK CSGO Scene Facebook page to gather this information. If you aren’t a member of this group, I strongly suggest becoming one as it is fast becoming the place to be for the UK CSGO scene.

If you still haven’t filled in your ChallengeMe.GG username on the County Championship website, please do this as you won’t be able to play if you don’t.


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