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December 16, 2015

The Post LAN-Shuffle Gossip Round-up (post i56)

The dust has barely even settled from insomnia56 over the weekend, and already several changes have officially taken place (or at least several potential players leaving/being given their notice). In one of the most competitive¬†weekend’s, CeX overcame CAZ eSports in the Grand Final of insomnia56. Prior to that, Team ROCCAT had been dumped out of the group stages, and of course, fm-eSports finished in a dismal 7th/8th place. EZSKINS were questioned for their lack of attendance to insomnia56, although they cited that holidays were booked by two of their members.

Contrary to my last “gossip round-up” which came in the aftermath of i55, this time we have seen [...]

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December 13, 2015

insomnia56: Final Standings

It’s been a brilliant weekend of non stop pulsating action from the CS:GO tournament at insomnia56. With lengthy delays, controversy, upsets galore, and numerous wtf moments, we have witnessed one of the most open iSeries tournaments in a very very long time. So difficult to predict (so much so we never did a preview because everyone was too scared to write one), so full of fun, and incredibly lengthy in nature.

If anything, it has been a fitting end to a year where over ¬£50,000 has been awarded out in prize money to various UK teams. Let’s hope 2016 brings more carnage like this because it’s been enjoyable to keep tabs on, although disappointing not able to [...]

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December 13, 2015

insomnia56: Grand Final – CAZ eSports v CeX

It’s the Grand Final of the insomnia56 CS:GO tournament, with drama and upsets galore during this tournament it’s set to be an exciting end to this exciting tournament. CAZ have a 1 map advantage from coming into the final from the upper bracket in this Best of Five game.

The first map was Inferno, and CeX came out of the gate going hard and fast straight into the pistol round taking it. The second round wasn’t as plain sailing for the CeX team, as CAZ manage to take a few of their players out but it was saved by Surreal in the round behind. CeX picked up the following round as CAZ were in a full eco, making it a good 0-3 start. The fourth round was a good [...]

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December 13, 2015

insomnia56: CeX over TLR to Grand Final

After a drama filled few days, it was to the Consolidation final of insomnia56 to decide the matchup of the final, and who was to face CAZ eSports.

The lead up to this game was an interesting one. On the one side, you have the accusations of cheating causing them to forfeit and the other is a team that had just pulled off a big upset against Infused in the previous Lower Bracket game. The first game was a close one, with rounds just being won alternately without any leads coming to a head, or so we thought. Apart from a hot drink being knocked over after a round was clutched by Surreal (gg CINDER) it went off without any relative hitches, with CeX eventually soaring to a 16-13 [...]

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