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insomnia56: uFrag over fm-eSports

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After dropping into the Lower Bracket at the hand of CAZ eSports, the first of the Grand Finalists, fm-eSports have been knocked out of the tournament in 7-8th position by uFrag. This was against a uFrag side that had been making waves in the competition so far, being the side that had dealt the final blow to ROCCAT in the Group Stages before being dropped to the lower bracket by Monumentalis.

uFrag adamxoxo

Team captain adamxoxo lead his team to victory

uFrag managed to win 2-1, losing the first map Inferno 16-7, but then rallying together as a team, taking the following maps (Dust2) 10-16 and (Overpass) 6-16. The final map featured an interesting tactic, with their players going “yeah why not”, picking up P90s to finish the game off, giving HypeIzBack three kills as they storm the bomb site for the final time.

This is yet another upset in the tournament. With them playing Infused next there’s a feeling of “what if” hanging in the air over whether or not they can pass through Infused, especially as they’re looking very strong and showing no signs of giving up.

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