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insomnia56: CeX send AT Gaming packing

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CeX have seen off the Dutch side of AT Gaming in a straight 2-0 win moving them forward to face Monumentalis in the lower bracket final. This victory also pushes CeX to meet their seed, and level with how they performed in the last iSeries when playing under the Reason Gaming brand.

The first map was de_cache, a map we have seen CeX work wonders on before and has been known as one of their better maps. This information may not have known to this Dutch lineup as they soon found themselves on receiving end of some great CeX setups. Hope wasn’t extinguished fully as AT Gaming managed to put up a sturdy fight but CeX proved too much and claimed the map 16-10.

Moving on to map 2, de_mirage, AT Gaming were hoping they could push this series on to a third and final map. It was looking hopeful throughout the game as AT Gaming knuckled down and always kept an even footing with CeX. Sadly for the Dutch team their fate was sealed with a 16-14 defeat putting an end to their iSeries adventure.

AT Gaming

Over and out for AT Gaming

After this game CeX will be playing Monumentalis, and then the winner of that game goes on to face whoever wins out of uFrag/fm-eSports and Infused for a chance to face off against the losing team of the Upper Bracket Final.

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